Alleviating the suffering of stray animals

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*Some of Our Disabled Dogs Enjoying Their Hydrotherapy Session in the Sea.

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Life changing gifts


  • UK Registered Charity helping the estimated 3 million street animals in Sri Lanka.
  • Caring for 1900 + rescued dogs and 60 cats in one of the largest free roaming sanctuaries in the world.
  • World class veterinary care & wound care.
  • Our ethos is to give animals a chance if there is a glimmer of hope. Our 100’s of miraculous recoveries, most from the brink of death, are evidence of why we don’t give up on them.
  • We give the gift of life to over 300 disabled dogs, most have mobility carts.
  • Hydrotherapy in the Indian Ocean.
  • Daily feeding rounds for local street cats and dogs.
  • We feed in excess of 2000 cats and dogs EVERY day. 
  • Free neutering and rabies vaccination services to stray animals and pets belonging to poor villagers.
  • Animal Welfare education through our outreach programs
  •  Founder awarded the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award and IFAW Animal Action award in recognition of her outstanding  contribution to animal welfare in Sri Lanka.
  • The team in the UK, including the founder, are all unpaid volunteers, donating their time for the cause, so charity donations go directly to the animals.

We deserve To Survive – They truly need us.

Thank You For Your Support, we really appreciate it, without you we are lost.

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